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金博棋牌客服是多少:Nike to release sports hijab through Zalora

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Jakarta | Tue, February 13, 2018 | 01:35 pm
Nike to release sports hijab through Zalora

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Nike new collections for Muslim women (Nike/Nike)

The Nike Pro Hijab collection will soon be available in Indonesia, sold online through fashion retailer Zalora as part of a collaboration with Nike.

On Feb. 15, the collection – available in black, gray and obsidian – will be made available on the e-commerce platform at Rp 379,000 (US$27.75).  

Nike’s newest feat is designed for Muslim women athletes and sports enthusiasts. The Nike Pro Hijab is said to be the answer for those who have performance problems while wearing the traditional hijab.

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The goal for Nike in producing this performance hijab was to make it inconspicuous, for it to become almost like a second skin. The garments were tested by elite Nike athletes, such as figure skater Zahra Lari and weightlifter Amna Al Haddad, and advocates and local communities were also consulted with. Following feedback, shape and size modifications were made. The sports hijab is available in the XS/S and M/L sizes.

“A lot of hijab-wearing women are unable to participate in sports competitions or feel that hijabs hinder their activities,” said NXT senior designer Baron Brandt, who worked alongside Daniela Grogo, the Nike Pro Hijab apparel innovation technical design director. “We would like to make modern pieces from traditional cuts.”

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The Nike Pro Hijab is made from Nike Pro power mesh material, which is boasted as a breathable lightweight polyester that features tiny and strategically placed holes that make the product a far lighter alternative compared to the traditional design. The signature Nike Swoosh is placed above the left ear, and the hijab is available in black, vast gray and obsidian. A broader range of colors are under way. (wen/kes)