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众博棋牌如何注册账号:Government pushes for tax revenue based on target

December, 09 2017 | 00:37 am Government pushes for tax revenue based on target

The Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla administration continues to pursue the goal of tax revenue meeting the set target of Rp1.28 quadrillion. The government intends on making the most of the data on new taxpayers and new information on taxpayers recorded during the tax amnesty period as the reference point to help meet the target

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“We are processing the information so that we can use it. We don’t want the data we collected from the tax amnesty period to become unusable,” said Coordinating Economic Minister Darmin Nasution during the FMB9 gathering at the?Office of the?Presidential Staff on?Oct.17.

Previously, some parties said the government was panicking because revenue from taxes had only reached?Rp770.7?trillion, or?60 percent of this year’s target.?The panic appeared to be in the form of the government trying to extract tax payments from the general public.

Darmin?asserted that the move was not a sign of government panic; instead, it was the government working optimally for the benefit of the people. “Not because we panicked,”?he stated.

He admitted the revenue from taxes was not optimal. That is why the Directorate General of Taxation is working hard to meet the target.?The tax authority is tracing the data collected from the tax amnesty. The directorate general has data on new taxpayers and new information regarding registered taxpayers and the government is using this data as a foothold in meeting the state revenue target.

*This article was previously published on?kompas.com?with the title?“Pemerintah Terus Kejar Target Pajak”