梦都棋牌官网:Govt. pays BPJS cash flow deficit

December, 09 2017 | 00:16 am Govt. pays BPJS cash flow deficit

Deputy Finance Minister Mardiasmo disclosed that the government paid the deficit of the cost of the BPJS up until November 2017, amounting to Rp. 7.8 trillion.

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The ministry has also prepared a budget for paying the BPJS Kesehatan premium for subsidy beneficiaries (PBI), amounting to Rp. 2.1 trillion.

PBI refers to the disadvantaged people whose health premium payment is paid by the government. “We must pay the costs for PBI in early January 2018,” he said.

Mardiasmo stated the cash flow deficit of BPJS Kesehatan could be covered by practicing efficiency, improving the management of claims and cost sharing.