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乐乐棋牌注册送6金币:PALYJA technical work to temporarily disrupt water supply in South Jakarta

February, 01 2018 | 18:31 pm PALYJA technical work

After finishing its technical work in West Jakarta, private water company PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya (PALYJA) will embark on yet more technical work to its water installation system in Cilandak, South Jakarta, beginning on?Feb. 2 at 10 p.m.

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The technical work, set to conclude in the early hours of?Feb. 3, will disrupt clean water supply for a little while in a number of areas that depend on the Cilandak water infrastructure. Water supply will gradually resume as normal starting?Feb. 3 at 6 a.m.

The following areas of South Jakarta will experience clean water supply disruption during the technical work: Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Tanjung Barat, Ragunan, East and West Cilandak, Kebagusan, East and West Pejaten, Kalibata, South and North Gandaria, South and North Cipete, Lebak Bulus, Pondok Pinang, Pulo, Melawai, Petogogan and their adjacent areas.

To prepare for the water supply disruption, PALYJA advises residents living in the abovementioned areas to reserve clean water in clean buckets in order to have enough supply during the disruption. The company is also preparing its tanks to anticipate emergency situations in hospitals and houses of worship located in areas affected by the supply disruption.

PALYJA apologizes for the inconveniences caused by the water supply disruption. Customers may call PALYJA’s information center at ( 021 ) – 2997 9999 for further queries. The call center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Further information can be obtained on the company’s website at? through a text message sent to 0816725952.