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金虎棋牌官网:Palyja regreens Pluit Reservoir flats

March, 27 2018 | 00:05 am Palyja regreens Pluit Reservoir flats

World Water Day was celebrated internationally on March 22. Clean water supply operator PT PAM Lyonnaise Jaya ( Palyja ) took part in this year’s commemorations with a social activity for raising environmental awareness at the Pluit Reservoir flats in Muara Baru, North Jakarta.

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The activity, done in collaboration with city-owned water company PAM Jaya, saw Palyja doing its part to promote sustainability by planting as many as 25 Tanjung and Ketapang trees in the local residential area at the Pluit Reservoir flats. Palyja also conducted an educational seminar on water and the environment for local children. To keep things fun, the educational session was packaged as a coloring contest.

Celebrations of World Water Day are part of Palyja’s annual agenda. It follows up on activities done earlier in March that include a socialization campaign to get people to stop using groundwater at the residence of the Jakarta deputy governor as well as “Run for Water” on Car-Free Day Sudirman.

These activities are all part of Palyja’s commitment to environmental preservation, health and education, humanitarian relief and water for all.