Last year, we were blown away by your enthusiasm for stories and content. This year, we want to give you something even more amazing. How can you improve your communication using storytelling skills? Better yet, how can you raise your bottom line using strategically told stories and curated content? Here is the new age, bud. The age of engagement and excitement and inspiration. Be a part of it. This is a FREE event. All you have to do is register at writerseries.org


If you love what we have to offer so far in our courses, you're going to go crazy over this one. We're opening 4 (four) CREATIVE WORKSHOPS on Sunday, May 6 2018 for a limited engagement (one-day only) taught by guest lecturers from around the globe. You can learn how to: a) write fantasy stories; b) write a memoir; c) write descriptively the way one would paint; and d) turn any message into great narratives or stories. Sign up now at writerseries.org/workshops

Check out our past and upcoming events to get a better understanding of what we do. Access them here.

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Yes, we are more than happy to engage with your students, teachers and staff. Find out more about it here.

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